Unlike so-called “free” smartphone apps we have a very strict privacy policy. We will never sell your data and we will never share it with third parties. We do not store any financial or geo-location details connected to your use of the application. We use strong encryption to ensure that your data is fully protected at all times. We will not make you view ads, we will not send unsolicited marketing emails, and will will not send text messages to your phone containing unwanted advertising or any other commercial content.

We can keep your data private and safe because, by charging a small monthly subscription, we can meet the cost of providing the many back-end services necessary to make the application work. So-called “free” smartphone apps cover the cost of these services by serving you unwanted ads, by selling your data to anyone who wants it, and by sharing your data with various third parties who use it to market products and services to you via text, voice, and email.

We believe that devout users of Christian Prayer Power understand the importance of privacy, especially with regard to deeply personal spiritual matters. That is why we will never sell or share your information with any commercial entity.