How Do I Get Started?

After you download Christian Prayer Power you enter your phone number, tap NEXT, and then you’ll receive a text message with a four digit code. If you don’t receive a text message within a few seconds, please check you’ve entered the correct phone number. You can request a new text message with a new code if necessary. Once you’ve received and entered the four digit code tap NEXT so you can proceed to create your profile.

Creating My Profile

You can upload a picture of yourself from your phone’s gallery. Then you enter your first and last name and accept the terms & conditions and that’s it: just tap NEXT to create your own personal prayer circle.

Create My Prayer Circle

You create your Prayer Circle by importing selected contacts from your phonebook. Choose family members and friends you want to have pray with you, and whose prayer requests you will want to accept in return. Once you’ve selected everyone you want, tap INVITE. Now all these people will receive invitations to join your Prayer Circle. If they’ve already downloaded the app, they’ll see the invitation on their My Prayer Circle page. If they haven’t yet downloaded Christian Prayer Power, they’ll receive a text message with a download link. When people accept your invitation by downloading the app and adding you to their Prayer Circle, you’ll see them appear in your My Prayer Circle screen. Only the people who you see in your Prayer Circle will receive your prayer requests and you will receive prayer requests only from them. This keeps Christian Prayer Power private and safe.

Create My Prayer Request

When someone in your Prayer Circle has accepted your prayer request you'll see a notification bubble appear against the Who's Praying With Me icon. The number inside the bubble tells you how many people are praying with you. When you tap on the Who's Praying With Me icon you will also see any personal messages that people may have sent in reply to your prayer request. The number of people praying with you is the total of everyone who's accepted your prayer request. But not everyone has the time or knows the right words to write a personal message in response. So for example you might see that 10 people are praying with you, but only three people have written personal messages. This means that in addition to being able to read the three personal messages you can take comfort from knowing that ten people in total are praying with you because of your prayer request.

Prayer Requests Waiting

When you see you have prayer requests waiting, tap the icon to view the requests. You can swipe right to accept a prayer request or swipe left to decline a prayer request. You can also create a personal message for the requestor before swiping right; just tap on the text box and write your message. When you’re finished, swipe right and your message will go to the sender of the prayer request. No one else will see your personal message.

Who’s Praying With Me

The total number of people in your prayer circle who’ve responded to your prayer request is shown at the top. Some people may not know what to say in response to a prayer request, so some of your prayer circle may just swipe right to let you know they are praying with you. But some of your prayer circle may write personal messages before they swipe right. When that happens, you’ll see their picture and name and their message. If you’ve received several personal messages you can swipe right to see the next personal message, and then swipe left to see the previous message again. These messages will remain on your phone for at least a day. Remember, the total number of people who are praying with you may be bigger than the number of personal messages you receive because not everyone may respond with a message.

My Prayer Circle

When you look at your My Prayer Circle screen you see everyone who’s presently in your Prayer Circle. Over time your Prayer Circle may grow, especially if you’ve opted to connect with friends of your friends. From time to time you’ll get requests from people to join your prayer circle and those requests will appear at the very top. To accept a request you swipe right, to decline a request you swipe left. To add people to your Prayer Circle just tap the little PLUS icon at the top right of the screen. This will enable you to select more people from your phone’s contact list.

Daily Inspiration

Every day you’ll receive a new Daily Inspiration of selected Scripture.

What If My Friends Don’t Have Christian Prayer Power On Their Phones?

If the people you’ve selected to be in your Prayer Circle to don’t already have Christian Prayer Power on their phones, they will receive a text message inviting them to become part of your Prayer Circle. If they want to share prayer requests and pray with you, they can download Christian Prayer Power to their phones too.

Is It Safe?

Everything that is sent from your phone through Christian Prayer Power, and everything that comes to your phone through Christian Prayer Power, is encrypted. Likewise we encrypt all data on our databases, and we only store the prayer request data for 48 hours after which we delete it. We have a very strict privacy policy. We will never, ever, share or sell your data to third parties. Unlike so-called "free" apps, we don't make you view intrusive ads and we don't "monetize" you by tracking everything you do with your phone and then selling that information to anyone who's willing to pay a few cents for it. We regard prayer as deeply personal and so we do not believe that we should do anything that would violate the sanctity of prayer. This is why we have to charge a small monthly subscription to pay for all the costs of providing the app and its associated services. By charging a small subscription we can keep Christian Prayer Power private and safe for you.