Your Ministry is already using technology to connect with your flock. You probably have all kinds of different technologies from text message groups to email lists and your own website. You may also use secular social media such as Facebook.  But the fact is, none of these technologies were designed for the community of faith. None of these technologies were designed to provide an intimate, safe, and private way for pastors to connect with their flocks. In fact the opposite is true: “free” social media technologies are purpose-designed to track everything you do and then sell this information to anyone who wants it. Whenever you send out a group text message, that’s being stored somewhere and analyzed and sold on to anyone who’s willing to pay a few fractions of a cent. Wherever you go, whoever you call, whatever browser queries you submit – it’s all being harvested. And this clearly introduces some liability issues for any Ministry, and means that many sensitive matters end up being off-limits.

Christian Prayer Power is different. We combine three elements (a smartphone app, a ministry console, and a sophisticated cloud-based infrastructure) to provide a private, safe, and secure way for pastors to be connected to their flocks seamlessly. No matter where people may be and no matter what time of the day, if someone needs you they can reach you with a stroke of their finger and you (or your designated ministry personnel) can respond immediately.  You can reinforce the power of your sermons with daily devotional and inspirational messages; with a single swipe of your finger you reach everyone in the prayer circles you’ve selected. And if people choose to reply with personal messages of their own, only you see the replies – not everyone in the text message group or the email chain.

Regular Christians create personal and private prayer circles on our app by selecting their loved ones from their phone’s contact list. But as a pastor you may not have everyone’s phone number, and not everyone will have yours. In addition, you may want to designate some activities to people inside your Ministry rather than having everything on your own phone. For these reasons we provide a simple web-based ministry console so you can get much more out of Christian Prayer Power.

All of this is free to all Ministries forever. We don’t charge anything. We never show ads and we never harvest and sell personal data – in fact, we don’t track anything. And we erase from our database all the prayer requests and responses on a rolling 48-hour basis so even if some hacker managed to penetrate all of our security technologies, they wouldn’t find much. This means Christian Prayer Power is the only safe and private way to handle sensitive issues outside of your church building itself.

In order to pay for our operating costs we ask congregation members and other users to pay a small monthly subscription. Once we’ve covered our expenses we remit back to each Ministry a portion of every subscription associated with that Ministry. This means not only do you never pay for anything, we also contribute to your Ministry in a tangible way. Our goal is to use modern technologies in the service of faith, and everything we do is consistent with this higher mission.

If you’d like to learn more and see if Christian Prayer Power may be of use to your Ministry, please contact