Christian Prayer Power connects people intimately and safely in the fellowship of Prayer. We do this by combining three powerful technologies in the service of faith. We have a smartphone app that works on your iPhone or Android phone. We have a Ministry Console that pastors use to connect with their congregations and other groups. And we have a sophisticated cloud-based infrastructure that binds everything together.

We believe prayer is a deeply personal and intimate matter. Therefore, unlike secular technologies that are all about turning you into a commodity, we don’t harvest your data. Unlike secular social media, we don’t track everything you do on your phone or computer, we don’t track everywhere you go, we don’t capture and store every text message you send, every phone call you make, every browser query you submit, and every app you use.  Our aim is not to learn everything about you and then sell it to anyone who wants it for a few fractions of a cent. Instead, we preserve your privacy and safety because prayer is too important to be turned into just another commodity.

Pastors across the nation are discovering how Christian Prayer Power can connect them with their flocks so that whenever someone needs prayer or direct help, they can know and respond immediately. Regular Christians are discovering how the private Prayer Circles they create can bring comfort and hope. For the first time, we’re using modern technologies in the service of faith so people don’t have to try to connect using secular technologies that are purpose-built to exploit your privacy and security.

Here’s what some early users are saying about Christian Prayer Power:

“I’m so happy someone finally made a social app exactly for Christians!”
Susan T, Hales Creek OH
“I love that I can create my own personal Prayer Circle by choosing people from my phone’s contact list so we can share prayers.”
Mary C, Visalia CA
“This app helps me connect with young people who don’t come to my church so often, live their lives through their smartphones, but still need Jesus and still need the power of our prayers.”
Pastor O.P., Sparks NV
“This app is amazing! Our whole family uses it from Christie who’s nine to Uncle Leroy who’ll be eighty-one next month.”
Jeff G, Klamath Falls OR
“I tried messaging apps but they weren’t private. One time I sent out a message to a close friend saying I was feeling pretty low and twenty minutes later my phone is showing me ads for anti-depressant meds. I use Christian Prayer Power now because it keeps my private stuff private. And that’s important to me.”
Louise-Jane T, Lubbock TX
“I like how simple the app is. Just me and my prayers and the prayers of the people I care about.”
John M, Louisville KY
“I didn’t think I’d use the app much but then I found it’s comforting to know people are praying with me when I need them. And I like them knowing I’m praying with them when they need my prayers. Even when they’re far away.”
Kate R-L, Nashville TN
“Because the app lets a person choose to send out a prayer request anonymously it’s been amazingly helpful in my chaplaincy work with ex-military and first responders. These folk are trained to avoid being vulnerable but they need help just like everybody else and this app is a great tool for me in my work.”
Reverend I.E., Charlotte SC
“I started off adding only two people to my Prayer Circle. But now I have nearly twenty people in there and it’s great!”
Richard A, Buffalo NY
“My family is spread across the country but we’re connected immediately through Christian Prayer Power. I always know when they need my prayers and they always know when I need theirs.”
Lynn R., Kansas City MO
“My pastor recommended this app and I’m so glad he did! We’re all using it now.”
Laetitia B